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How To Format / Hard Reset Sony Ericsson Xperia W8 [E16i]

Step-By-Step: Download both Install Flash tools Extract the firmware 'ftf file' to the directory= C \Flashtool\firmwares -This is very important for 64-bit Install Flashmode & Fastboot drivers from= C ignore any drivers which failed to be install at the Launch Flash tools from C \Flashtool folder by running or would suggest running it by right clicking on the app and select 'Run as Click on the lightning & select 'Flashmode' after clicking OK you can select the row W8 which is automatically loaded because you've extracted the firmware to C \Flashtool\firmwares during step Follow the on-screen instructions to continue flashing your Finally after you see the message 'Please unplug and start your phone' it means flashing is previously made this tutorial running on Windows 7 32-bit - that's why it supports drag and links W8 Firmware (ftf is another source / forum which host the firmware (BTW I found it via Tool (For ALL DATA WILL BE DELETED********** **********THIS FIRMWARE IS FOR ASIAN VARIANT********** Language pack available in this firmware English Chinese Korean Thai Tamil Arabic Russian Vietnam Tagalog Jawa Bahasa Indonesia Bahasa Melayu Basa Sunda French Thanks for watching~! XD

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