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Apprentice™ 812 VS Mini Lathe (woodturning Lathe)

Buy now with FREE Shipping mini lathe See the new, affordable Apprentice Mini Lathe Please subscribe to our channel Apprentice™ 812 VS Mini Lathe is an exceptional value among true mini Designed specifically for pen turning and other small woodturning projects, the Apprentice™ 812 VS Mini Lathe offers quality construction, dependable performance and a 5 year, 100% satisfaction guarantee making it the right choice for budget-minded woodturners who demand a great Whether you're just getting started or you're looking for a second wood turning lathe, the Apprentice™ 812 VS Mini Lathe is just what you're looking •Perfect for pen turning and small woodturning projects •Compact, easy to transport •Electronic variable speed drive •High torque lathe motor for increased power under load •Soft start-up for safety and motor longevity •Adjustable cam-lock tool rest and tailstock •Cast iron construction •5 year 100% satisfaction 8" capacity 12" capacity between centers Electronic variable speed drive Speed range- 750-3200 rpm 1/3 motor,120 v 1 phase 1"-8 tpi headstock and tailstock 43 lbs Standard Equipment 4-1/4" and 6-3/4" Tool Rests 5-1/4" Faceplate 4 Prong Drive Center Revolving Cup Center Faceplate Wrench Knock-out Bar Instruction Manual The Apprentice 812 Variable Speed Mini Lathe is available at Craft Supplies USA, 1-800-551-8876

Apprentice™ 812 VS Mini Lathe (woodturning Lathe) 5.0 out of 5 based on 14 ratings.

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