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A Long 4 Bight Paracord Turk's Head Knot

More knotty stuff on my blog used a Perma Lok Super Jumbo Lacing Needle to tie the knot, not required but they do make it easier to work these types of few things you might find long Turk's head knots tied around are walking canes, hiking staffs, hand rails, ship/boat wheels, grab handles, knife grips and sheaths, pens, flashlights, carabiners, or used as bracelets, fobs, lanyards, Once you learn to tie them, you'll find yourself looking around for things to add them :) I often reference Bud Brewer's photo tutorial for the 'long 4 bight' Turk's head knot, on the Knot Heads World Wide website id=52 I've received many requests by email, messages, and blog comments for more help from folks that couldn't quite follow the photo tutorial, so maybe this video will help those that need you think I'm going too fast in the video, make use of the 'Pause' button if you're tying as you watch, and you can easily go back or forward using the 'Play' bar for the video as After uploading, I'll go back and add annotations/notes to what is being done in the video, and watchers can compare Bud's tutorial with mine to get a better idea of the process for this procedure of doubling/tripling the knot and then gradually tightening it up can take considerably longer than tying the initial knot, so have Sometimes I don't get all the crossings straight like they should be, and I'll untie everything and start all Take your time to get it right the first Knot :)

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