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Brock & Norris Custom Rifle Makers - Part 1 Of 3

Jelen Deer Services - Screw cutting for Contact Jelen Deer Services for Rifle Services in the UK on Deer Services for Deer Stalking and Deer Management Training Jelen Deer Services for Hunting Rifles and Ammunition on

Brock & Norris Custom Rifle Makers - Part 1 Of 3 4.525926 out of 5 based on 135 ratings.

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    Brock & Norris Custom Rifle Makers - Part ...

    Screw cutting for moderators, Jelen Deer Check Out Jelen Deer Services website for UK Deer and Rifle Services

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    Facebook: THIS 1ST before commenting!!!!! It works fine now and doesn't I had the stock weight recoil spring installed in that video which will not work with the added weight from the suppressor and 147grn I ordered a "tune" spring kit from wolff and found the right weight It works 100% The ammo used is winchester 147grn TMJ so its subsonic The loud echo you hear is not the gun Its from the 147grn projectile slamming into the wet mud at 1000FPS This video is old and I have more videos of better Suppressor technology is advancing very fast these days as more and more find out how

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