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Brock & Norris Custom Rifle Makers - Part 1 Of 3

Jelen Deer Services - Screw cutting for Contact Jelen Deer Services for Rifle Services in the UK on Deer Services for Deer Stalking and Deer Management Training Jelen Deer Services for Hunting Rifles and Ammunition on

Brock & Norris Custom Rifle Makers - Part 1 Of 3 4.5277777 out of 5 based on 144 ratings.

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  • Brock & Norris Custom Rifle Makers - Part ...

    Brock & Norris Custom Rifle Makers - Part ...

    Screw cutting for moderators, Jelen Deer Check Out Jelen Deer Services website for UK Deer and Rifle Services

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  • Krieger Barrels Cut-rifling Process

    Krieger Barrels Cut-rifling Process

    See Krieger Barrels being made, start to This video shows the process of cut-rifled barrel-making by one of the world's best barrel Krieger single, point, cut-rifled barrels have set numerous world records and are favored by many top The video show the huge, complex machines used -- bore-drilling equipment and hydraulic You can also see how barrels are contoured, polished,

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  • Gun Making In Pakistan

    Gun Making In Pakistan

    This video shows how many guns they can make in Pakistan in one day,Scary the children there that are forced to make the ammo for the needs to

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    Gunsmithing - How To Extract A Broken She ...

    While having a spent cartridge case break and remain stuck in a rifle's chamber is not a safety issue, it does bring shooting to a Thankfully the solution is pretty Watch along as Larry Potterfield, Founder and CEO of MidwayUSA, demonstrates the process for extracting a broken 32-20 case from the chamber of a Remington Rolling Block using

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  • Barrel Making At Pedersoli Factory

    Barrel Making At Pedersoli Factory

    Pierangelo Pedersoli is guiding us through the process of barrel making at the Davide Pedersoli You can look into the very secrets why the DP barrels are winning so

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  • Machine-cylinder


    Machining S&W Model 686 cylinder to accept

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  • Chambering A Rifle Barrel

    Chambering A Rifle Barrel

    A special tools called a reamer is used to cut the exact dimensions of the chamber in

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  • Hydraulic Primer Removal.mpg

    Hydraulic Primer Removal.mpg

    This is how to remove the primers from military brass without any expensive This hydraulic method surrounds the case with water inside and out, the benefit of this is the shell does not need a dummy chamber around it to support If you think that you can use a normal reloading die think I smashed one depriming pin several months ago and decided that hydraulic was the only way to had about 250 of these shells to do and it only took about 1/2 an Once the primer is out then you can remove the crimp with the appropriate removal

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  • Reloading For My .308 Win Deer Hunting Ri ...

    Reloading For My .308 Win Deer Hunting Ri ...

    A short video showing reloading process for my Winchester deer stalking I used Lee Classic Loader plus a few bits and pieces for case The cost of all tools below $50 I used Hornady 150gr SST bullets, Vihtavouri N-140 powder and CCI large rifle More details here_ at the end of the video is just me, I often shot groups at 100m with this subscribe to my channel_ my channel_ my deer stalking

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  • How To Make A Rifling Cutting Tool

    How To Make A Rifling Cutting Tool

    Check out my website!: video is about how I made and used a tool for cutting rifling in gun It was made from scratch for no money cost, using materials laying It is a first Later I will make a better plan to make a "how to make a revolver from scratch" video at some So I made this´╗┐ video, and I will also have to make a video showing how to make the ammo completely from Then I will make a smaller, all steel, electric version of this rifling cutter and make the real barrel and the rest of the Fog, Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons_ By

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  • Jesse James, Professional Wild Man Turned ...

    Jesse James, Professional Wild Man Turned ...

    May 13 (Bloomberg) --- Jesse James Firearms Unlimited (JJFU) is the latest venture from the infamous biker and TV Following the success of his custom motorcycle shop, West Coast Choppers, and a string of popular TV shows like Monster Garage, Jesse James is reconnecting with hands on work in his new, much smaller, (Source: Bloomberg) -- Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube_ Television offers extensive coverage and analysis of international business news and stories of global It is available in more than 310 million households worldwide and reaches the most affluent and influential viewers in

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  • How To Install A Muzzle Brake On Your Rifle

    How To Install A Muzzle Brake On Your Rifle

    Outdoor Quest tV in conjunction with Corlane's Sporting Goods, home of the Rocky Mountain Rifles bring you step by step video on installing a muzzle brake on

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