12 Unbelievable Russian Military Technologies and Training

From the Black Sea War Games, to the craziest Russian submarines, these are 12 Unbelievable Russian Military Technologies and Training. 7. Nuclear Stockpile The main reason no one has the guts to attack Russia is due to fear of their enormous nuclear stockpile which is easily enough to destroy the world at least 500 times. As of 2016, Russia possesses an ar senal of 7300 total nuclear warheads, nearly half of the world’s supply. The US only has 4,500, so they have us outnumbered by about 2800 at least! The true numbers of how many nukes a country has normally remains a secret. Anyone living in Moscow most likely lives within 50 miles of a few nuclear weapons and this one of the most concentrated areas of storing nuclear warheads. A controversial decision recently was to move a nuclear warhead near the city of Kaliningrad which is under Russian control, surrounded by nato countries and isn’t connected to the mainland of Russia. 6. Mi-28NE Attack Helicopter This modern day attack helicopter goes by the nickname as the Night Hunter, that’s designed to conduct search and destroy missions against enemy tanks, and other enemy land vehicles as well as personnel. These provide support for ground troops and are an extreme low altitude fighting machine! It doesn’t get the nickname of Nighthunter for nothing, using advanced thermal and night vision to scope out potential enemies. This thing has air to ground missiles, mountable 30 cal guns and loads of other rockets to take out it’s vast range of targets. 5. Black Sea War Games Russia responded in September 2016, with a serious of war games in the Black Sea, after the Ukraine participated in missile drills. Putin moved a total 55,000 troops near the Ukrainian border and tensions between the two countries continue to rise dramatically. The drills involved 12,500 troops, fighter jets and anti-aircraft missiles. This took place on the Opuk training range. Here in this photo you see a halo shaped wave that happened after a thermobaric explosion. It’s almost like they were preparing for an invasion! Here we see paratroopers land near a large landing ship, that’s practicing how to hide using smoke screens. Another helicopter in Russia’s arsenal known as the Kamov Ka 52 Alligator helicopter fires rounds at targets on the ground during the war games, and these ones here are firing missiles! Could be a scene in the future if things don’t get worked out between the two countries soon! 4. S-400 Missile System This is an anti aircraft system that Russia has developed since the 1990’s and was developed to defend themselves from airstrikes. Many of these enormous missiles have been on display by Russia during their military parades including the S-400 Triumf Launch System which is a mobile surface to air missile. Many of these missiles are heat seeking or active with a radar homing head. Most of these vehicles carry about 4 missiles which are all quite lethal and deadly upon contact. They can seek and hunt down practically any flying object and have a range of 250 miles! It has the accuracy of being able to shoot down a soccer ball moving at supersonic speeds. The key advantage to the S-400’s is that they are mobile and can set up prime anti aircraft strongholds just about anywhere on land. 3. Armata T15 Vehicle In addition to the devastating T15 tank, Russia has some other armored vehicles up their sleeves. The Russian T15 Fighting vehicle is used by their armed forces and is the first one of its kind. It uses a steel and ceramic composite armor with an automatic 30mm cannon and capable of storing 500 of these rounds. It has the compacity to carry 9 people and reach speeds of 65-to 70 miles an hour. It’s about the same weight of a tank but would be used more often for scouting with it’s multiple cameras and mobility. 2. Tu-22 These are one of Russia’s long range strategic bombers, capable of reaching supersonic speeds. It was developed during the cold war but still in service with it’s long range capabilities. This was designed specifically with the goal in mind of taking out american aircraft carriers that Russia saw as a serious threat. This can carry one heck of a bomb with a payload of nearly 100,000 pounds Yasen Class Submarines These class of submarines bring some serious competition to the Americans and each one weighs 13,800 tons! They are most likely the heaviest submarine in the world and carry an astounding 38 cruise missiles which are vertically launched from the top of the sub. Don’t forget about the 38 torpedoes on board, capable of sinking enemy submarines and naval ships. It requires 90 men to operate which isn’t much considering their great size! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv

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